3880 Park Mill Run Drive
Hilliard, Ohio 43026

(614) 529-1382

When you visit On the Run you'll notice the many ways we're a fast, fresh and friendly place for our customers

Find things Fast -- Thoughtful layout helps you see and move toward what you need.

Fresh food awaits you -- If it's not fresh, we dispose of it.

Fresh flavors enchant -- We carry the latest hot tastes from name brands.

Fresh ideas meet your needs -- From car-friendly packaging to our ewiz Internet and financial access kiosks, we're working on new services to make life on the move easier.

Friendly people care -- Careful hiring and training processes are designed to put the right people in your path, people who care about making your experience with us a good one.

Friendly spaces say "welcome"-- Spacious Bengal Traders coffee bars, clean stores, and bright lighting make On the Run stores friendly and inviting.

Sandwiches, salty snacks, fountain drinks – just what you need, right at your fingertips.